Recreate Kurdistan State

Along with Kurdish history, many times the Kurds had own dignity and power, particularly during the period of Meds

Along with Kurdish history, once the Kurds had own dignity and power, which was during the period of Meds. One personality who is Kurdish history honored to him was the founder of Med State, his name is "Diako” and then his son followed the same path for behalf of keeping his dad’s state till his death. Later his generation "Kay Khusraw” settled his granddad’s goal until extended the state into an empire of Med.

Diako identified as one of permanent men in Kurdistan, he was the first one who could be able to create essential power despite huge struggles with tyranny of Assyrian invaders.

In ancient history of Kurdistan Diako was potential character in creating state and tried to build an independence nation in the context of Meds and great State of Meds. Additionally, his efforts counted as a significant determination to unit Kurdish nation in the areas of geography, religion, gender, nation, culture, civilization and history.

Meds as unifiers of Kurdish nation, their appearance belonged to 2000 AD, they were known as Hindu European.

After death of Sarjon many problems were occurred in Babil led by (Mushzb Mardogh) against Assyrians. At that time he called Diako for help. Thus in 702 B.C. Daiko became alliance of Babil against Assyrians. After well preparation of Babil and Med army, they went toward Arabkha. Once more Assyrians succeed on the alliance. Diako backed to Med and during that time in 681 B.C.  Sanharib attacked Med and advanced till Wirme and did violence against Meds. Then he backed home due to Assyrian domestic conflicts. Diako died at the time when invader left the region.

Diako fairly for more than 53 years ruled, then Fraurtis took the power and reorganized Med (674-653 B.C.). Followed him, Askis and Med between (652-624 B.C) ruled till the appearance of Kai-Khasraw (624-585 B.C). He could collapse Asiks and extended his med state into Empire. After 40 years, Astiag became Imperator (585-550 B.C) who led the empire for 35 years, but during his rules the Empire had been weakened.

Consequently, Meds had ruled for more than (150) years. Finally, the Med Empire ended under the hand of Korishi Akhmini and hence the Akhmini family replaced Meds.

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