The appearance of fifth wave of terrorism (6) last part

The outcome of the study
دۆسیە: دەوڵەت سازی

Terrorist groups are formed to make fear and intimidation and also to make fundamental exchange and destruction. "The situation is slightly different, because the situation is unlike from the Isis group period". As it seemed in this article, we can no longer consider new ideological terrorism as a sectarian terrorist movement, but we have to recognize as an external and non-regional movement. They are internationally aware of their thinking and have been able to use Party experiences to constantly strengthen their local structure and functional laws.

In another meaning, inspecting of the words, phrases, and terms that Isis appeared inside others showed that the completeness of these terms has taken an international direction. In a way that the word "group" has used to "Al-Qaeda of Iraq" and then changed to "The Mujahideen Shura Council", after a long time has shifted to "Islamic State of Iraq" and then it became "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant", and as a result, has changed to "Caliphate”.

As it has shown based on the theory of the fifth wave terrorism by "David Repoport" and the formation of Isis with the theory of totalitarianism by discussion of the fifth wave of modern terrorism is a good achievement in theory. As a result, in a side of political perspective, based on the statement that understanding any phenomenon should take place before any confrontation, we must agree that recognizing forms of terrorism gives us a new opportunity for future understandings on this subject.

Recognizing threats in a result of the "fifth wave of terrorism" has a significant role. In the meantime, it works to eliminate the traces of the propaganda and prevent destructive effects of the propaganda. Because continuing of these propagandas lead to attract attention of more people from different groups. However, if prevent these propagandas, it will reduce the influences of this ideology and they will not be able to fill the gaps as they wish from their chosen people. In addition, this prevents progress of violence.

On the other side, by cutting off terrorist ties with propaganda, armed supporters and their plans, they will face more damage. Other countries need to derive a national plan, protect their cultural and social resources, pay attention to the people of the border areas, provide them with their needs, and attract their trust toward national forces, prevent threatening of this new wave of terrorism and maintain their national peaceful in a better way.





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