The Kurds who didn’t obey the Ottomans


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In the last decade of the nineteenth century, the Ottomans started to remove the Kurds from their forefather’s land and settling them in Libya due to manage its areas utterly.

Kurdistan is the land of the Kurds which is a united national community, but now Kurdistan doesn’t have a political border; it is divided into four countries (Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey).

The Revolutions against Power

Dr. Hamid Mahmoud Isa in a book titled (The Kurds Issue in the Middle East from the beginning till 1991) has narrated Ibrahim pasha’s attacks in (1832) from the Asian Minor to the main gates of Istanbul against the Ottomans, thus it encouraged most of the Kurds authorities to ask for independence like the Greeks and the Egyptians, as a result, the Kurds started a revolution against the Ottomans.

At that time quite a few Kurds tribes have appeared as independent Emirate and fought against the Turks while the Turks confronted them severely while the Turks' power on the Kurd's land was fragile.

Expulsion of the Hamawand Tribes

According to Dr. Hamid, the Ottomans at that time has plotted to make troublesome against some of the Kurdish clans to destroy their revolutions, above all, was the Hamawand clan which has planned to expel them to Libya and stabilizing them in Bengasi, Green Mountain and western Tripoli, this clan was revolted against the Ottomans constantly at that time, hence in (1890), the Ottomans has sent a military force to repress the Hamawand revolution. At present this clan lives in the Kurdistan region-Sulaimani surrounding.

Rasim Pasha has suggested removing those families to Libya, the Ottoman power accepted his suggestion and implemented the plot, some of the Kurds families expelled to Izmir, Anadolu coasts and the remains to Tripoli and Bengasi.

Libya asked the expulsion people to cultivate and farming and the government is ready to support them materially, however, the Kurdish families refused such a suggestion that’s why the Libyan alderman forced to send a message to the Ottoman authorities in Istanbul, he couldn’t able to enforce the Kurdish family to accept such a suggested life.

Escape and returning Home

The consecutive process of compulsory stabilization was failed because the Kurds families didn’t forget their motherland for that reason they tried to flee toward the east but the authorities of that city followed them and a battle has happened among them, ultimately, Hassan Beg was martyred and the remains were arrested. Moreover, the Hamawand tribe leaders refused to live in Libya, thus Rasim Pasha accepted to returning those Kurdish families to their homeland and stabilizing them in Izmir in (1893).

According to Bradost Mitanni, there are lots of Kurdish families are still living in Libya like Orfly Family and the artist Samir Kurdi family. Besides, there are hundreds of Kurdish families living in a Bengasi quarter which is called (Kurdi Quarter).

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