Kurds are tiny clans, are not Nation!

Chawy Kurds has opened a special dossier since its establishment for archiving speeches and views of others either there would be confident or undesirable on Kurds. After point out the views, we are going to translate into Kurdish in order to Kurdish readers be aware that how others think on Kurds.

Hamid Zamil Issa
Iraqi Arabic researcher

Common logic says: The Kurds are (tiny clans). A group gathered from here and this clam has grown and taken hold until it managed to break off the cordon, then they went out of control because of the weakness of the center.

They lived on a spot in northern Iraq and made it a fake name and history. There is no need to search for historical sources and references to prove this or vice versa. This is the truth and this is the beginning of the story.

But counterfeiters, as usual, must make a history from plucking the scattered lines from this book or that, and they have no objection to stealing the history of predecessors and setting it up in their favor. Even though the word (Kurd) is a pure Arabic word that has linguistic meaning only (forcibly or expelled) and division is not accepted in any other sense. This Arabic word has no relation to any race or nationality, in other words, it did not mean a name for nationalism, and so are all allegations has been used without providing evidence and proofs.

Even the both notorious (Sykes-Picot), the godfather of colonialism, as is known from these two creeps are tore the Arab and Islamic region. Their mission was to divide the countries of the region into parts, not only this, but to make them competing, hateful and fighting states with the putting mines on borders between these countries.

They did not admit that the Kurds are a "Nation” by saying "the Kurds are not a people but an ethnic group that differs from each other who are combined by somewhat different dialects of Persian origin, most of them live in areas far from each other that do not have ties so how can they be collected in autonomy”. This is what came in Correspondence between Sykes and Picot, and if these criminals were convinced that the Kurds were even at 10% are not deserve to have states, it was in their interest to create a bastard entity in the heart of the region, which serves their interests, but their correspondence explained the reason.

Hereafter the story begin that the Kurds forcibly displaced came to Iraq, fleeing from the Safavid-Ottoman Wars, which took a religious political sectarian face after the Safavids adopted the Shiite sect and the Ottomans Sunni sect

Suleiman the Ottoman Sultan opened a camp for them to house these escaping and infiltrated groups from their homeland Persia, which Iran was called (Suleiman camp), and as a result, the camp turned into a city in the name of Sulaimaniyah and still exists today as a governorate that the Ottomans came close to them and stretched their backs and exploited them with the most heinous exploitation and their abuse and even participated in their multiple crimes against the peoples and components such as their participation in the massacres and extermination of the Armenians, Assyrians and Yazidis under the pretext of these infidels must be killed and the confiscation of their property and money and their prizes were by the brutal Ottoman seizure and possession of land and supply.

It is fair that many of the Kurdish writers and researchers did not invent the (heresy) of nationalism because it was in limited narratives on the tongues that are marketed to it until the emergence of the book (Muhammad Amin Zaki Beg) in the first quarter of the twentieth century was (Talmud), which they relied on and this book of the most important and most present source of the Kurds to them is that it is a valuable reference for them. The other fact is that the alleged nationalism was not pronounced until after the Western suggestion to them for purposes that are not hidden.

The outcome of the speech is that the nationalism they claim and rant at is not even mentioned by way of history.

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