Chawy Kurd holds a legal awareness course to Sulaimani Media cadres

Recently Kurdish Media channels become a part of community problems and sometimes they become a main factor of occurring unrest situations and destroying community’s psychology. This leads to big problems which sometimes their cadres meet legal investigations.

Academic Board of the Center
Academic Board of the Center

In the context of it’s maintains education missions, Chawy Kurd center for political development held "legal awareness” course to Sulaimani media channel and website cadres in the main office of the center on November 2, 2020.

The course entitled "rights and responsibility of journalists in media works” presented by "Karzan Mohamad PhD, Media expert”. Numerous of media cadres in Sulaimani were participated in the course.

The presenter of the course demonstrated on the main responsibility of media works and legal aspects and punishments. And then the participants gave their notes and questions.

After all, the participants received "the course participation certificate”.

It has to be mentioned that the seminar hall of Chawy Kurd within new sound and technical system has been presented by the general counsel of China to Erbil to Chawy Kurd and Sulaimani intellectuals and writers as well.

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