Journalist Profession and Respecting Law (1)

Using all the capabilities to prohibit from advertising for racism, religion, language and political view separation

Karzan Mohamad PhD
Journalist & University Lecturer

Any individual who steps toward such a responsive work as journalism, for the sake of respecting personality and protecting of misconduct profession, he/she has to be familiar with the legal procedures of journalism.

Unknowing and inexperienced are not a justification for surviving a journalist from punishment. No one has such right to intrude on the sacredness and values of others.

It is the journalist’s responsibility to safeguard the name and publicity of whom they write about them like Media or person because it causes to make problem in the community.

The goal of journalism is serving the human beings values not directing the community to a dangerous destination, journalist must know the ethical principles of his/her profession and follow the rules, particularly, the honor contract becomes an appendix of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in the journalism law no. (35) In (2007), it means the law supports the ethical responsibilities of the career.

There are many beautiful words and phrases in the world of linguistics to deliver the messages, it is not necessary to use an abusive word for expressing an opinion.

For that reason (IFJ) supports the journalism law in Kurdistan which guides the journalists to avoid crime in order to be an ideal proficient, the major points are:

Journalist should be respectful and say the truth.

Having certainty about the source of the news and not hiding the significant facts.

Using all the capabilities to prohibit from advertising for racism, religion, language and political view separation.

Keeping away from some works which risk his/her career, for instance, forgery, analyzing for bad intention, bribery, groundless accusation, etc.

According to journalism law no. (35) In (2007), section (5); a journalist is a person who works in the realm of journalism or any declaration channel.

Concerning to Kurdistan Region, the law no. (4) In (1998), Kurdistan Journalist Syndicates accept these titles as a journalist like (executive editor and its deputy, senior editor, secretary editor, head of staff, designer, writer, reviser, journal translator, photographer and painter.



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