Arab Refugees; a timed Bomb for unforeseen Period

The Shia Arab took benefit twice when the Sunnis escaped from their cities to Kurdistan.

Halgurd Jundyani

Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) must turn back the Arab refugees to their homeland, the political decision-makers shouldn’t trust these refugees anymore, never more using them for their goal of economic and political myopia, instead of that our government has to concern on Kurdistan and its nation.

Three necessary notes:

My article aims to protect our national security and sympathetic view, not racism.

My pursuit is in general, but I practically concentrated on Erbil.

My attempt is simple and primitive writing; I hope this issue be further concerned by the knowledgeable and the academic researchers.

After collapsing Saddam in 2003 a new chosen from the governors came to the Iraqi authority were Shia and Kurdish political parties, consequently, after 85 years of governing the Sunnis fired from power, it was the end of their governing whereas they boycotted and kept away from the participation of the Iraqi government, then a process of the ethnic cleansing of the Sunnis of Arab technocrat had started. The cleansing was in such a way hundreds of dead bodies were found in Baghdad surrounding places every morning from 2004-2005.

At the very beginning, the Sunni Arab elites left Iraq for Jordan, Emirate, Qatar, Syria and Egypt. Next, the second exodus started via the ordinary people to Kurdistan, at that time there were no refugee camps; they stabilized in Kurdistan cities and towns for a better life, later in the era of Maliki two waves of Sunni Arab fled from Anbar, Salahaddin and Mousel, the first exodus belonged to the demonstration against the Maliki government whom they faced oppression, the second one referred to the appearing of ISIS in the Sunni areas.

The Shia Arab took benefit twice when the Sunnis escaped from their cities to Kurdistan; first, dismissing the Sunnis in Baghdad and the district areas had created a safety belt to the Shias for keep going their sectarian governing, particularly, after the consecutive attacks of the Sunni terrorist groups and ISIS, second, an attempt to subvert the demography equation of Kurdistan, so the Kurdistan authority as the political geography and the population range will be decreased.

The number of Arab refugees in Kurdistan closed to 2 million people during the ISIS invasion. For a region, its population around 5 million people instead of the population of Kurdistani disputed areas.

The sovereignty of the Sunni entity was breached by the Shia after 85 of governing, but Kurdistan Region has respected, stabilized them in the Kurdistan cities and towns without any variation. Even the number of the Arabs raised to a level the Erbil municipality directorate has decided to create Arab private cemeteries in Kasnazan.

Roughly half of them return to their homeland while the rest still live in Kurdistan and they don’t want to leave Kurdistan, during my questionnaire I interviewed an Arab young whose name Walid, he lives in the Erbil Bakhtiari neighborhood and works in stationery, I asked do you want to go back your city, he replied, if Kurdistan Region doesn’t oblige us we don’t go to our previous cities because there is no life there.

In 2013 I had an interview with Dr. Madghis M. Madi in Rabat the capital city of Morocco about the cons of Sunni Arab refugees in Kurdistan, he said, wherever the Arab nation lives they become the owner of the land to the sky.

In reality, the Iraqi Sunni Arabs are on the same principle and the concept of the Baath regime, they believe in melting other components under the power of Iraq, above all, the Kurdish nation has faced Arabisation, changing demography and genocide in the period of those who take such a threatening concept.

Having a great number of Sunni Arabs in Kurdistan is not hopeful, presently; stay silent due to the strong security and peace in Kurdistan whereas there is no guaranty to become a danger on the Kurdistan security in the future. They become dangerous on our language, economic risk, nowadays, there are many Arab businessmen work in Kurdistan cites and controlled several crucial sectors such as the banks and the health danger, before the Arab coming to Kurdistan rarely Kurdish people smoke hookah, but today the Kurdish coffees full of hookah even the Kurdish women use to smoke as well.

It is Kurdistan Region’s responsibility to oblige those Arab refugees to return to their cities because Kurdistan as government-people has carried out its humanity, internationality and religious duty, currently, Kurdistan region besieges and passes through a dreadful time. Thus, it’s time the Arab refugees leave the Kurdistan land, their problems are not belonging us, our government is only for us not them and it’s not permitted to put Kurdistan as people and political entity in danger.


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