Chawy Kurd Heads the Capital KRI Dialogue

In order to scholars, writers and elite personalities of Kurdistan region participate in set an agenda, Chawy Kurd center for political development heads a dialogue with the Capital KRI intellectuals.

Academic Board of the Center
Academic Board of the Center

Chawy Kurd center in the context of deriving a new plan in the New Year’s agenda leads an "Open Dialogue” to Erbil’s academics, writers, and scholars in diverse fields on January 13, 2021. They flexibly offer their own views and suggestions for behalf of progress the Center’s missions in the New Year of 2021.

From the beginning of the dialogue "Ayman Mohamad” showed the center’s activities in the past and asked them to enrich the center’s mission in the future.

And then, "Mashkhal Kaulosy- the head of the center” showed the all sections of the center and dossiers as well include: Nation-Building, State-Building, Iraqis, regional and international dossiers, etc…

At the end of the dialogue, the participants deliver their suggestions. Such as Chawas Hassan PhD, University lecturer said "the best way for such centers is be in touch with elites for behalf of rising national feeling through debates, meetings and gatherings”. "The center must work on academic researches and then send to officials in order to make decisions for the governing the region” he added.

Masoud Pareshan- writer and poet stated that "the Writer Union is ready to provide any helps you need regards to your agendas”. Moreover, Khalid Peshewa- a university lecturer - expert in national sanity concentrated on "Chawy Kurd center deeply works on strengthens the dignity of Kurd’s individuality”.

His Excellency Mr. Mariwan Naqishbandi has three suggestions to Chawy Kurd: first, Chawy Kurd should to work on enlarge conference of the four great regional nations (Arabs, Turks, Persians, and Kurds) in a way which make an environment for closing these nations together. Second, Chawy Kurd make an effort to close with those who have authority to decide on Kurds from abroad and finally, try to close with NGO’s in order to dilever the suffers of Kurds to abroad”.

Then the rest of the participants show their suggestions to Chawy Kurd. The participants include:

1. Bakhtyar Farwq – Lecturer

2. Nury Bekhali –writer.

3. Pairaw Anwar- Writer.

4. Chwas Hassan- University lecturer

5. Masoud Baban- from the representative of "Zryan Rojhalaty” in Rudaw research center.

6. Sirwan Mina Khan Kurdistan Union student bureau member.

7. Masoud Pareshan- Writer and poet.

8. Mariwan Naqishbandi- journalist

9. Hawdeng Farwq – Journalist.

10. Sharif Falah –writer and Journalist

11. Mama Yara Ahmed – Journalist.

12. Hamid Qaladzyee- writer and Journalist

13. Kamaran Ahmed

14. Azad weledbegi –writer

15. Khalid Ahmed Hassan- expert in national sanity.








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