Some notes about the STATE in Corona era

After the World War 11, liberal capitalist economy could become world’s economist power

Hiwa Majid khalil PhD
PhD in political Development, Sallahddin University

After the World War 11, liberal capitalist economy could become world’s economist power. Liberal capitalist economy achieved its reputation through principles and international trade organizations such as; Britain width, World Bank, and international monetary fund. These procedures and organizations paved the way for currency liberty, investments and increasing numbers of huge enterprises. In political development researches a concept of economic growth offers individuals freedom and people’s wellbeing was familiar. In the concept of these schools, the bazar freedom mechanism is a way to reach civilian freedom, political freedom, and wellbeing. Even through this term, it asks to reduce the power of state in bazar tasks. The concept leads to a reality that the state is no more global actor; however, the diverse companies, semi-autonomous regions and even though the terrorist organizations take place key roles in politics, and international systems. Criticisms on Liberalism movements arise within occurring coronavirus, particularly in the view that liberalism schools considered that state is a key actor. Economic liberalism believed in controlling bazar has decreased the role of state. But the matter is arranging bazar rather than controlling bazar. Because bazar cannot reorganize itself, however, that is a state that always through issuing laws arranges the bazar. Thus organizing is more important than controlling.

Another significant issue is controlling information by the state. Either in undemocratic or democratic governments, the ministry of health issued data and instruction for protection from covid-19. This means state is source of information and even WHO depended on data of states. The states by itself devoted special budget to discover corona vaccine.

It can be said that corona increases the power of state on bazar and community in Europe but the events in some countries of Northern America and Africa was apposite. On March 2020, the extremist groups took benefits from the gap of lockdown in Chad and Nigeria to attack military basements. In the result of offensive 92 soldiers in Chad and 70 soldiers in Nigeria were killed.

After the president of Brazil reduced the fears of Corona and asked the people to continuous with their daily life routines. Drug traffickers released lockdown in some streets of Brazil in order to prevent increase of corona virus.




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