Role of political advertising in the election campaign

Today's election process is one of the most significant and important political processes in the fields of democracy and civilization, in a peaceful manner.
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Bahaddin Ahmed
Assist Prof at Sulaymanyeah polytechnic University

Today's election process is one of the most significant and important political processes in the fields of democracy and civilization, in a peaceful manner. Moreover, it is protection of national unity, and peaceful coexistence between all nations, organizations, parties and political parties. At the same time, it is a practice of political multi-party (pluralism), respect for a right to self-nomination, voting, and right to vote, and participation public in a process of political decision-making and listening to the opinion of the public through candidates in parliament. At the modern period, there are several international centers, institutes, and organizations in the world to focus on elections, measure public opinion and carefully monitor the political situation and the process of the election in the states and regions around the world.

Political advertising as a model of political relations process

The advertising is a political message and a part of the process of political relations, it can be explained it in this way:

1- Sender or source of political message is an envoy of a political message who realizes himself in political parties, organizations, governments, and political authorities.

2- The political product or a political message is a political message, which is directed to the public by the government and political parties regards to the political issues in different times and places.

3- The political media or political media channels are including all factors of political media, as (newspapers, magazines, television, stations, internet and ... Etc.) from there, the political parties (political authority) deliver their message to different groups of the community.

4- The political audience includes entire groups of the community, or includes members and fellows of political parties. These types of groups receive the message and political program of a specific party through different channels of their political media.

5- Feedback: feedback in the process of political advertising and political relations consider as a process of trusting Candidates and different political lists.

Political advertising and its impacts on the psychology of the public

It is possible to read the psychological position of the public by understanding from (AIDA Concept). Aida refers to: (Attention), (Interest), (Desire), and (Action). It is a special model, which includes general lines of the political process, in order to reach goals of the process.

It can be explained impacts of political advertising on the public's mental and opinion, in the following way;


In the first stage, it is audience's attention toward the content of the political message, which is being advertising by different political parties, candidates, agendas, and political programs for the election process and the future government.

2- (Interest)

It is include paying attention to the content of the political message, which sees itself in the political advertisement of the election campaign.

3. (Desire)

It is supporting candidates, and a specific political list who are participating in the election process through creating an attraction on the public and then trusting to the list and political parties.

4. (Action)

It is energetic participation in the election process by the public and going to the balloting stations. Then vote for a candidate, list, and a specific political party, which its slogan and program outfit with voter’s interests, desires, and requires.

The ethnic principles of advertising in the election campaign

1-The photo of candidates and political lists in advertising in the election campaign should not be published without his permission.

2-Children should not be used in election advertising and campaigns.

3-No one's name should be abused in advertising in the election campaign.

4-In the advertisement should not be made to deceive and harm the public interest.

5-The logo of political parties should be with him at the time of publishing the advertisement, and at the same time the logo of channel should be removed and not mixed with it.

6-Get away from using abused language, swearing and inappropriate words against candidates, parties, lists and political parties in the election campaign.

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