Causes of Traffic jam in Sulaimani streets


Major/ karwan Sdiq
Police Traffic officer



Numerous traffic jams have been noticed with new days of opening schools, Universities, and institutions. Even at some of the streets completely jams and during end of the days the same thing has occurred. The reasons of these traffic jams belong to some of below factors:



1.Increase cars numbers, according to statistics car numbers in Suli reached to (552,781), this statistics despite official government automobiles. The question is: does this number is qualify with habitations or street services?


2.Within increasing numbers of cars there are not strategic projects in city. There are the same roads as years ago which compare with today, the numbers dramatically increased. According to official only in 2019 around 27 thousand cars.


3.Building new projects for behalf of decreasing the loads as underpass, overpass and Tunnels etc…


4.The lack of public transportation in Kurdistan region because everyone have used their own cars. This is the main reasons for colleges or schools roads because most of the parents use their cars to transfer their kids.


5.Moving trucks at early morning is the main cause of traffic jams.


6.Start working on 100m around Sulaimani can solve most of the traffic problems.


7.Increase more than permit speeds in streets can be feel very easily there should punish drivers.


8.Working on Sulaimani master plans project is very weak, for instance implement paving delay for many days and building new schools in order to decrease the visitors for the same place.


Note: May there are many of other reasons for the traffic jams, but I have just mentioned the most significant factors of loads.

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