Does Babans made Sulaymanyeah or Sulaymanyeah made them?

Assyrian monarch came to Azmar Mountain and called “zamru”, there was a big fighting with the region’s army and then the king went to Barzinja, called it “Parsindu”. Thus according to historical documents Azmar has called “zamru” and Barzinja has called “Parsindu”.

Sorran Hama Rash

Every year in anniversary memorial of Sulaymanyeah, some of the people congratulate each other, but they never have deep discussion on the real identity of the city and its history. Like other of Kurdish occasions, we mostly focus on the cover of Sulaymanyeah instead of well understating of its background. The basic identity of Sulaymanyeah belongs to two main points: rebels and cultural and sufferings. This directly refers to triangle of Baban who are the three Kurdish famous poets (Nali, Salim and Kurdi).


Sulaymanyeah area because of the mountains that are surrounded has natural protector which was very difficult for foreign forces to capture. Two thousand years ago Acadia tsar could not reached the region. About four thousand and two hundred years ago Acadia tsar after hard efforts controlled the city for a while. The failure of the army region was very crucial for the king, he mentioned the victory of capturing the area in the statues and put in the Louvre Museum in Paris. There are several old evidences on Sulaymanyeah, some of them have found before making the Dukan dam and others have found in the archive of Acadian and Assyrians, meanwhile some others recently have found in Sulaymanyeah which do not read yet.


One of the significant texts belongs to Assyrian king about two thousand and nine hundred years ago on the region. What have noticed in the texts some of the names are still has the same name as the previous: such as Chami Rezan, it had Redan name during his rules, the difference is in Assyrian alphabet mostly used (R) instead of (Z). Then the tsar entered Sulaymanyeah old city while the city was not made as today, but the villages were exist which become the basic of making the city during the Baban period. The Assyrian king used Imali instead the name of Sulaymanyeah which according the investigation by historians that place was may "Malkandi village). This explores the history of Malkandi which is one of the oldest areas in Sulaymanyeah. We have to know that during the searching on Malkandi, several antiquities have found in.


Sulaymanyeah area has strategic areas which were the cause of being the conflict areas of foreign power to look at it for controlling. However, the region many times has been occupied by foreigners, but it always the area of struggling. When the Baban (one of the most famous tribe in Kurdistan) found new Sulaymanyeah in 1784c, but the area hundred years before them was the area of global personalities and well-knowing writers. Therefore it is true to say that Sulaymanyeah as a city has found by Babans, but Sulaymanyeah as culture, history and its identity is oldest than Baban’s period and hundred years before them Sulaymanyeah has the two major characters (courageousness and culture).

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