Chawy Kurd at Indian Foreign Affair Minster


Board of relations and announcement
Chawy Kurd Center for political development

Othman Tofiq one of the establishment members of Chayw Kurd center for political development has been officially invited by Foreign Affair Minster of India to participate at private workshop about protecting Archaeology.


The workshop participants were from different places around the world for fifteen days, Chawy Kurd was one of them who could be able to participate at the activity. Tofiq represented Kurds by wearing Kurdish garments and flags.


Keeping and developing Kurdish culture is one of significant objective of Chawy Kurd, which always trying to find the best way to globalize Kurdish culture


In sum, Foreign Affair Minster of India awarded special team of Chayw Kurd (Mr. Othman Tofiq – the establishment member of Chayw Kurd).

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