Once more: Sulaimani between approval and declining


Atta Qaradaqi

The basic question about Sulaimani is: does Sulaimani has specificity as a city? Does Sulaimani have made as a city or being created? Does through social development, the nature and structure of the city since its building up to date has City specificity?


To answer above questions, it has talking that despite the City was a small city of some tribes, but Sulaimani from its origin has made as a city and emerged some city specialties. True culture of city is its culture which involved with different conflicts and various directions.


According to historian materialism progress, in the city industrial and middle class will create, who are the owner of reasons of inventions. Thus the capital of the city will be under their control and have governing authority. Regards to Sulaimani, it is not made as a natural city, therefore pointing about this direction on Sulaimani is moving toward unreality of its origin.


May the question on Sulaimani is: does the city through its building have made as natural city, as a result of social developments, and middle class or it is a city similar to feudalistic societies? Or it is a city which made by regional and international conflicts and policy?


It has said that Sulaimani is not made naturally and in a result of social progress as it has occurred in some of normal societies. But it has own specialties such as the city was made by regional family power in order to make it as their govern capitals. But the natural structure of the city, mixing some of personalities and tribes in this city is one of the main causes of growing such a special culture to the city which no one can grasp the identity of the city. Another specialty of the city is continuously had some adventures and dignities. Even its hostiles, during their strong power were fear to deal with the city because of its culture and existence, identity and internal power of the city.


At present, Sulaimani is hard conflict arena, but what is solving the conflicts in this city is itself which believes that one once fall in competition with the city thus its second ups and success is very difficult.


Therefore, Sulaimani is not the city of anyone, but it has strong Kurdish nationalism feeling. It is the city of those who can understand the live souls of the city and within its steps toward bright future under slogans of the patriotism, love of lands, city, nation and cultures.

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