Kurdistan: new state in the Middle East


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France press prepared a report entitled "Kurdistan, new state in the Middle East”. It mentions that, Kurdistan has its Kurdish government and parliament. They are 35 million people on 500 thousand square meters. The Kurds are not speaking Arabic, Persian and Turkish, but they have own language "Kurdish language”.

"At present 18 million of Kurds are living in North of Kurdistan, seven millions are living in South, eight million of them are living in East and other two millions are living in West part. Meanwhile, huge number of Kurdish immigrated to Europe due to their land’s division. Most of them are living in German who reaches to 650 thousand Kurdish” report illustrated.

Kurdistan according to Sykes–Picot Agreement has divided between France and Britain. Then Britain invaded Mousel and separated from Kurdistan.

By reason of invaded on Kurdish lands, Kurds have started their revolutions in 1961 at the villages. In 1991, Kurdish upraised against Saddam’s regime which ruled Iraq at that period. Because of the uprising more than 2.4 million Kurdish left the land. What encourages Kurdish to be success is their struggles and morals which effected First Bush US president to imposed line 36 (anti- fly zone), thus because of this international reaction some of the Kurdish lands backed to Kurdish control.

Follow ruined Saddam’s regime in 2003, Kurdish participated in establishing new Iraq, but parallel to this participation they found their Government and Parliament. They have one of powerful force calls "Peshmerge”. Kurdish has special esteem to Peshemrge because they have defended the land.

In 2005, in the first election, Kurdish could be able to gain high ratio and become the second nation in Iraq. Because of the result, Jalal Talabni became Iraqi president and Masoud Barzani became Kurdisatn region’s president.

Kurdistan dramatically developed, Kurds started to strengthen their position in a way which encourages other Kurdistan parts to come for the Kurdistan region. Some of states found their representatives in the region, this progress explore brilliant democracy model in the Middle East.

Iraq begins to stop Kurdistan developments by deny Peshmerga force in the context of Iraqi army. Then war against Isis was continuing, Isis attacked Kurdistan, territories under control of Iraq were sized by Isis, but Peshemrge did now let them to size Kurdish lands.

At the end of the report, it mentions that Kurdistan is crucial place for natural sources in the region. Therefore, those who divided Kurdistan when see that they are the best friend of Western alliance in the region, how they think about them? We can say that: Kurdish in the next map of the Middle East will be a "STATE”



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