A Kurdish man from Saudi Fought against Israel to Survive Palestine


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After announcing Israel's state in (1948), the Arabic countries alongside Palestine have confronted the Israel army, among them Saudi. A Kurdish man led the Saudi army at that time. According to the Palestinian national information center record, (155), Saudi soldiers had died in Palestine and they buried there. Moreover, the analyst (Muhammad Bin Al Nasser Asmeri) has discussed on Saudi army in Palestine in his book which is titled (The Saudi Army in the Palestine War).

Asmeri also clarified that the Saudi army fought against Israel side by side the Egyptian army. His pieces of evidence supported by the Um al Qura journal war reporter, the report was published on 25 June 1948 about the first confrontation of Saudi and Israel Army in (Beit Hanoun and Byron Ishaq) cities under the responsibility of Colonel Said Beck Kurdi. The analyst in his book had focused on the battle zones and wrote the place names like Dayr Suanyd, Esdud, Najda, Majdal, Byron Ishaq, etc.

On the other side, the Egyptian major general who was the commander of Egypt forces Ahmed Ali Mawawi has praised the bravery and resistance of the Saudi army; he asked to respect the Saudi men and giving them honorary appreciation. He also stated that in order to not breach the protocol I ask the commander Said Kurdi to get permission due to respect the soldiers who were under his order, King Abdul Aziz accepted to respect Kurdi and he was ready for any rewards except giving money and promotion.

The author concentrated on the formal resources, he said those soldiers and officers of Saudi who participated in that war to defend Palestine were under the commander of Said Kurdi. The prince Mansour Bn Abdul Aziz was the minister of defense and the prince Mashaal was his deputy.

Another testimony about that time was the retired general commander Hussein Assaf; he mentioned that at the beginning of (1948), after the announcement of Arab League (500) Saudi soldiers were members of that forces that called (Liberation Corps), they sacrificed themselves for the sake of liberating Palestine.

Assaf reaffirmed that after the Arab League dissolved the (Liberation Corps), the Saudis battalion connected to the Syrian army till Saudi announced their withdrawal and return to Saudi, then the members of that battalion have deployed among Saudi military forces, some of them had sent to the military activities and the rest got a high rank in the armed forces.

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