Green Tourism, Kurdistan and Ecotourism


Behzad Qadri

Tourism in general means traveling. In the past years, it was any kind of traveling when you leave your house or your work and stabilize for a while in another place. Also, through tourism, you can admire people to visit tourist places and hosting them.

Doing travel insides or outsides the country. Most of the travelers concentrate on nature, atmosphere and culture first. Moreover, currently, traveling becomes an important career around the world.

Now a day, tourism is one of the reasons for growing and stabilizing the economy, those countries think about their social and economic developments will see tourism as a significant sector. However, this sector has impacts on the social environments, particularly, on developed countries. The ruined influences are: polluting the groundwater, cutting the forest trees, making waste and lots of ethical issues in those areas.

At present, the environment and tourism experts are working on prohibiting humanity damages on the bases of green tourism. In such tourism encourages the tourists either they travel and will see the beauty of nature at least do not make any harm to the nature, eco and the culture of that place. The United Nations Organization has indicated some criteria for ecotourism while the green tourism is not the same and recommends for the travelers (reproducing the materials, remaining in the tents and the wooden houses, cultural place and eating the native foods).

The principles of ecotourism are: its activities will make drawbacks on the ethic and the animals in that nature, the tourists have to obey the environmental ethics and it has an appropriate relationship with nature but with eco is at the beginning. On the other hand, green tourism doesn’t have any physical, social and psychological damages in the travel, respecting nature, creating a positive atmosphere for the tourists and making direct interest to the travelers due to protecting nature.

The Potentiality of Kurdistan about Ecotourism

Kurdistan is an invaded land and its occupiers do not let its development that’s why for a long while the Kurdish enemies take its fortunes.

If Kurdistan has its state, how it will be for ecotourism in the area? Kurdistan has an attractive nature for the tourists and an appropriate atmosphere, in terms of ecotourism Kurdistan has the potential to grow and tourists will visit it around the world, as a result, the economy of Kurdistan develop and it will become a tourism center in the area.

Some Specialties of Kurdistan Geography to attract the Green Tourists

Kurdistan is surrounded by the mountains and has moderate weather; the amount of raining fall is around (200-400 millimeters) in the plain areas while in the mountains around (300-700 millimeters) during a year, Kurdistan land is (160) kilometer square. It covers with green and different kinds of trees will be plated like pine trees, sycamore, oak, etc. the mountains covered by snow from the beginning winter till the end of spring. Furthermore many rivers and lakes possessing in Kurdistan like Sirwan, Aras, Zrebar, etc.

Despite those specialties, Kurdistan becomes an important center of tourism in the area and the world but only one thing can achieve this aim which is an independent state while the occupiers do not let Kurdistan have its own state.

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