Culture as an Infrastructure of Corruption

mashxal kaulusy
head of Chawy kurd center

From the very beginning of the governing and administrative crises till now, it is clear the main obstacle stands opposite tackling the problems are having a great number of employees that they take incredible cash from the government, besides; some takes salary more than once monthly.

This issue is an accumulation of many structural matters, for example, a political responsible establishes someone via the social enforcement and bribing on the public budget; however, the public sector doesn’t require that person that illustrates a lack of conscience, law and education. There is no difference between the responsible and the individual because both committed a crime. After all, the person is ready to take the salary from the public budget freely.

The trouble is cultural, educational, legal and political; a wide process is required and fundamental solution, the current model of social relationships has to be altered. At present Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) works on the over reformation process, from the first step the government has cut 10 thousand illegal and ghost employees which deserves to be appreciated.

The point that admired me was people deliver their comments about that subject, one of them said "they have to reform on the oil sector, not from the needy employees”.

It is obvious; the same previous culture has made those employees for being meddlesome, even he/she has justification to defend the parasites. In my opinion, alongside the administrative, economic and legal reformations a wide cultural revolution is required which is the smallest way for the throughout reformation in terms of governing and management, for the sake of the protection and development of the only Kurdish entity.

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