Why Kurds could not create options?

mashxal kaulusy
head of Chawy kurd center

Authors criticize every aspect of society and governing system of Kurdistan region. They criticize all phenomenon and none of them can escape from the hand of their criticisms.

This form of criticism has two sides: one those who write in a positive manner and builder language, the second one those who ruin everything. The second type leads to grow a generation who learn everything through abuses from social media without paying attentions to social esteems.

If disappointments refer to the way of governing and economic crisis, but the majority belongs to a project of last nineties which some of intellectuals work on it and the Medias promote their agendas. I consume that Kurdish society cannot resolve this phenomenon till next decades or at least decrease its impacts on society.

Above all notifications, we have not seen serious criticisms on them, while they become disappointment machine. We even for once do not ask; what these scholars provided to their country? What are their differences in a society that they criticized? What are their outcomes and differences?

In the last days, I have been invited to special event of anniversary of Mawda Media was completely approved the reality that the elites have not differences with ordinal people.

The city’s elites merely to receive a published book of Mawda Medai made a chaos which none of the hall’s organizers could be able to control.

After I have seen that shameful sense which led to
stop the event, I have asked this simple question: if the elite just to receive a book which its cots only five thousand Iraqi dinar did, so what will about benefits of retirements and posts?

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