Same wishes to Sultan Ardoghan

Abdulakarim Shakhani

Flag has self-respect and represent its owner in official occasions, visiting state’s representatives like presidents, prime minster or any officials during their visit. Meanwhile flag’s dignity shows in meetings, congress and international ceremonies, therefore any showing unrespects to flags means its state.


It has been said that flag about 1000 years before century has been used in different ways by tribes. Each of them has their flags and during fighting one of the bravest fighters should keep the flag because they looked at it as their power.


At present, during fighting the flags hold by Humvees and tanks, Winners as soon as possible land the failure’s flag. If state makes unrespect other’s flag, the state has rights to complain them and call other’s state representative to foreign ministry for declaring official complaint.


At mid of nineties, Turkey’s flag burned during protests in Erbil, Turkey had direct reaction. Last week one of Iraqi officer during opening buried alive massive grave yards, soon in Iraqi Kurdistan officials, people explore their complains and in Iraqi Parliament (Musana Ameen Kurds PM) strictly express his criticizes and claims for ordering a decision from Parliament to prohibit this kind of actions. Then because of his stance the governor of Musana province and the officer ask for apologies.


On the other hand, Turkey jets strike Kurdistan region territory with executions of having Kurdistan worker party members; they crossed Kurdistan lands that cause of killing civilians then Turkish soldiers land Kurdish flags and put Turkish flag instead. Here the question is why for Arab officer we expressed our compliant, so hat is the differences between Persian and Turkish who shows unrespects to our lands and flags? Moreover, why we are silent for Turkish?


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