Arab Views of Governing doesn’t place Kurds

Yadgar Ismail
University Lecturer

When we speak about concordance with Baghdad, we have to realize Baghdad wasn’t ready to make deal with Kurdistan since 2003, moreover, a century before they did the same opposite Kurd due to strengthen themselves. Whatever happens after the Saddam fascist regime, they supposed there was an understanding, the western obliged them to write the constitution and the Kurd's benevolence was the reason to reach a falsified hope.

The reasons for not making a concrete deal between Arab and Kurd were political, historic, geographic and economic. Whenever Iraq has a strong economy the crises are not more, but currently Iraq a vulnerable economy doesn’t ready to accord with Kurdistan Region. Likewise, the creditors ask for their credits from Iraq, particularly, Iran demands 6 billion dollars. Iraq has lost its authority which steps to fall.

Whenever the point is the agreement with Kurdistan, the Iraqi Arabs terrify the Kurdish authority in the area and use to options against Kurdistan; first, collaborate with Turkey and Iran to dilute the entity of Kurdistan Region, second, the Iraqi Shias assured that there is no unity among the Kurdish parties as what happened in sixteenth of October, instead of using the outside Kurdish forces against Kurdistan.

In my opinion, the Kurdish delegation lost their times in Baghdad. Because in the coming three months the economic crisis of Iraq will appear totally, the best alternative is the Kurdish political parties together boycott the political process in Iraq as a pressure card to find a concrete solution, because of such a runaround to Kurds delicate its status.

Hatred of Kurds, national and ideological jealousy is obvious. That’s why they won’t make a deal with Kurds and passing the projects via the logic of majority, power and under the name of nationality not from the logic of share while they have never believed such a case!

Kurdistan region would be more powerful to not stay under the authority of the trading companies, at that time the revenues were transparent. The significant point is lacking in transparency and administrative issues in Kurdistan. All the economic, historic and political crises don’t belong to the Kurds only; the Kurd's problems are lacking unity among the Kurdish political parties that would bring harm to the Kurds and its issue.

It is clear, the Iraqi government, the backstage personalities and the militias believe a strong Kurdistan means the weakness of Iraq, but the basic point for us as Kurds is reformation and putting the fingers on the domestic sensitive cases. The best option is referring to the logic of the value of self-management, but when reformation gains its goal. Kurds don't need to protect the sovereignty of Iraq whereas Iraq doesn’t ready to give the Kurds constitutional rights, Kurds have to evacuate the political process in Iraq. If a political party doesn’t agree or helpful in Kurdistan, it’s better to announce obviously and doesn't sacrifice the Kurdistan citizens to their domestic and territorial disputes, Erbil and collecting the incomes are the way out, not Baghdad.

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