Kadhimi’s Cabinet Sun is going to set

Qutaiba Fazil

If we evaluate Kadhimi’s government from its formation in May 2020 till now, we see obstacles that it faces via the Shia blocks; it started with changing the names of the nominees and threatening him to withdraw from the government occasionally, the cabinet has formed in a way Kadhimi obliged to take the opinion from the responsible of the major political parties, this means an early decision illustrates the defeat of Kadhimi.

When the protesters in Tahrir square (Baghdad) submitted their demands to Kadhimi, he promised to accomplish the demands those were:

An early election without fraud.

Impeaching the murderers of the protesters.

Terminating the interference and authority of the neighboring countries on Iraq.

Kicking out the foreign forces from Iraq, particularly, the US forces.

Those promises were part of the Kadhimi’s agenda who submitted to the Iraqi political side to promote the people’s livelihood, job opportunity announcement and employment.

On the other hand, he gave his word to the Americans as, working to expel the Iranian consultants in Iraq, dissolving the Shia militias that they work for the Iranian benefits and firing the personalities and sides that they work for Iran in the Iraqi public authorities. All those promises raised the common status of Kadhimi among people, but he couldn’t reach them to the extreme because any points stand against both Iran and America.

The US wanted Kadhimi to dismiss Iran in Iraq, however, in the Kadhimi period Iran’s threats on America became much more, he couldn’t have such capability to confront the Shia militias while they have enforced their agenda on Kadhimi. The giving wards to the Iraqi protesters didn’t fulfill either the snap election or bringing welfare to the Iraqi citizens; Iraq faces tremendous economic devastation which has never seen such an economic crisis. As a result, we can say Kadhimi’s sun is going to set.

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