Tyranny has returned

Zikri Musa
writer & Intellectual

After collapsing the Iraqi regime via America the Kurdish leadership, particularly, president Barzani and the late Mam Jalal worked to rebuild Iraq no space would remain to appear the dictatorship once again. Iraqi population and Kurdistani people above all have paid a lot, so existing such a scare on autocracy was right. We have seen what devastation would happen when the fortune and the power of the state gathered by someone, neither institution nor law in Iraq could stop that tyrant.

Readjusting the public life was needed in Iraq after 2003 to accomplish a better life for people, but fearing of absolute rule was still existed, basically, among Kurd and Shia, the new Iraqi politician engineers attempted to tighten the power through two ways due to not let creating another hell in Iraq, the first one was the constitution and the second one was strengthening the institutions. The institutions have distributed on three main political entities to away from the totalitarian thought, if it doesn’t work, the constitution could have the power to fetter the institutions and terminate them.

After accepting the constitution everything was good, Shias and Kurds were very close together, the international community would try to bring the Sunnis into the political arena, the Shias accepted federalism, conversely, the positive atmosphere hasn’t lasted long, Iraq has stepped from dictatorship to sectarian violence which made the status worse than the previous because finalizing a dictator is easier than confronting a denomination.

President Barzani realized earlier, Iraq steps to another dictatorship while the constitution has guaranteed the principles of coincidence, partnership and component rights, as a result, all these have breached successively. Currently, the Iraqi Shia politicians deal with the Iraqi components on the essence of Shiaizm; furthermore, they have controlled the economic, political, military and security institutions.

Likewise, they think about taking land, geography and the thought of other components, they worked to establish Hashd Al Yazidi, Sunni, Kurdi and Christian), this portrait is new in the mind of the new Iraqi politician engineers and no one has believed a democratic and federal state directs to a sectarian state. ISIS was a proper justification for the Shias to invade the will and geographies of Sunni; also, the Kurdish apart was allowed the Shias to develop their sectarian oppression in the new Iraq.

The Kurdish political parties must wake up and see the scene well, getting rid of the notion of rejection opposite each other. The strategic objects mustn’t be dealt with fancifully and adultery, the sectarian tyranny has stared at everyone in Iraq to take their will and become a slave

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