The viewpoint of Kurdistan Region to 2030

Sarko Ynuis

The Kurdistan region has started to write the first region’s viewpoint till 2030 through the ministry of planning.

Having the viewpoint for government and states has its special concern and it address directions of the future progress of the community in the fields economy and social achievements. However, generally the viewpoints have been followed by stable countries in the arenas of politics, economy, social and other issues, particularly in those states who are secure and stable.

This endeavor is optimistic, but the reality of life and region’s social, economy and political circumstances is facing risks because of conquering strategies by regional states in one hand. On the other hand, the ties between Erbil and Baghdad are always in continuous political, financial, national and administration of disputed areas problems which all are remains unsolved.

The most important point in setting viewpoints is addressing goals. Addressing key goals is principle of viewpoint. And it must be fully concern by special experts in order to be accurate with the reality of the community.

The beginning of setting viewpoints must pay attention to internal and external problems. Additionally, it must concentrate on obstacles in front of implementing the viewpoint’s plans. I personally believe that some of internal political and sometimes regionals are essential hindrances.

Administration, economy and political corruption in the Kurdistan region are unsolved problems of continuous efforts, which we believe that solving these problems is impossible.

A weakness of private sector due to lack confidence between government and private sector leads to decreasing the activities of enterprises.

In the sum, any endeavors toward plan and viewpoints the future must be for the public interests and for behalf of the individuals of the society. Meanwhile, the main and final goal must be the people and serving citizens without discrimination.

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