Why Turkey lends five billion Dollars to Iraq?

Hawkar Jalal
MA Student in International relation

Turkey decided to lend five billion Dollars to Iraq and he will receive back extra three hundred million dollars. This amount is four times more than standard of International Monetary Fund.

The meeting between Erdogan and Kadhimi has two impossibilities:

First: to withdrawal Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) between borders of both country. This is somehow impossible to happen because of Turkey in the last 40 years paid hundred million dollars in his operations against PKK. So that how they merely in one day meeting can decide to complete this process? However, diplomatic meetings of regional states were not fruitful meetings.

Second: it is a plan of declining or omitting the entity of Kurdistan region. This is also above possibility because the structure and forming the Kurdistan region’s entity support by West and US.

Despite these difficulties, Kurds have to doubt for everything because always international manipulation near to happen. Additionally, we should not predict good wills by anyone. In contrary, we have to depend on ourselves.

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