If I don’t kill you today, you will kill me tomorrow

Hogir Nerwawyee

Iraq is a country which born illegitimately in an unusual atmosphere. Those who built Iraq weren’t Iraqi, they weren’t established Iraq in favor of the Iraqis, Iraq establishment has been starting with assassination and bloodshed, each individual from his/her first sight faces with severe component and sectarian violence, the same thing is repeating when they grow up, there is a theory of starvation, terror, horrid scene, self-assertion, etc. repeat in the mind of Iraqi population!

The Iraqi citizens have been diagnosed with psychopaths generally, when they wake up they participate in the governing process, they become dictators, bandit and militia. Despite providing welfare they ruin their country.

The Iraqi consecutive presidents have been planting the seed of hatred, no one wishes to return them once again, for instance, Saddam has made a nightmare on the Iraqis mind, he made such a situation the Iraqi citizens don’t believe in their shadows, terrorizing and cleansing become a concrete formula for the Iraqis.

Absolutism becomes an identity to the history of Iraq; every president has faced a coup, no one estimates for a better president, people only wish to decrease the victims via the Iraqi consecutive chauvinist presidents, such hatred, oppression and erasing each other have hidden under the title of patriotic propaganda, all they wish to be a politician and live like king and queen then people will become their slaves!

The Iraqi people feel a foreigner in their homeland so far, no one accounts for them in the political equations, and they usually lose the game without playing, however, the wins and the benefits of Iraq concern to a foreign country and population! Iraq has never had principle of state and won’t, because it was born illegitimately, it was a mistake to deliver a country under the name of Iraq; this artificial geography dissolves today or tomorrow and erasing the name of Iraq, different countries will be formed with diverse names for the sake of their nations and citizens, people live as a human, not as the Neanderthals.

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