Turkish offensives

Dr. Rebaz Jalal Nanakaly
PhD in economic sciences

Notes and analysis of the Turkish army offensives
on Kurdistan region’s mountains

First: in the last three years, due to concealed
inner crisis,
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan President of Turkeyattempts to transfer the crisis to abroad of the Turkey.

Second: another purpose of the attacks of Turkey is to steal the capitals of Kurdistan region for behalf of increasing his state’s revenue. This plan reminds us the same plan that "Hitler” did to Germania people, the plan of Hitler was increased the capital of Germany very quickly because Hitler stole the capitals of Poland, France, and Czech etc... Through cutting trees of Kurdistan region, Turkey has the same purpose. The effect of cutting trees leads to ruin the eco-system which means the natural system of more than thousand natural plants and expulsion wild animals.

Third: through the offensives, Turkey plans to occupy the Kurd’s lands. Recently Turkey is in corrupt economic condition; therefore Turkey of Erdogan targets to increase the economy of the state.

Fourth: offensives of Turkey on Kurdish mountains is difficult but due to developments of technology it becomes easier that earlier. Turks has hundred years’ strategies to occupation. That’s why call themselves "Gray Wolf” because wolfs are not tired in hunting and are ready to follow his target for several nights and days till catch him. Does Kurds reached to the point that understands the policy of doing politics with Turks, Arabs, and Persians? Does Kurds studied his neighbors and could be able to know them?

Fifth: the offensives of Turkey will end the dream of Kurdish liberation movements forever, even in the case of victory of the offensives.

Sixth: bombarding on the villages means creating safe zone (chaos area). In geopolitics the safe zone has special meanings. The aim of this process is evacuating villages step by step. This process is not ended only with bordering villages, however it maintains to other villages because within evacuate any villages; Turkey brings forward its army and military bases.

Seventh: another dangerous point is brining Uighurs of China into these lands. Uighurs are like ethnic groups belonging to the Turkish family and are Muslims. Their numbers are between 8 to 10 million.

Eighth: the last point, if all together are not unit and facing these offensives, it will not remain a region called "Kurdistan” in coming years. Everyone includes governments and opposition must unit. The issue is not merely the government’s issue, but it is a matter of the whole Kurdish individuals.

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